“Mindel and The Misfit Dragons” – “Clever and Provocative” Proclaims The Jewish Book Council

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Dragons are usually a source of fear. How-ever, not in this book! Here dragons and people live side-by-side helping one another. Mindel, the young daughter of the castle owner, goes on a mission. Her family is in danger of losing their home and she must achieve all three parts of her quest if she wishes […]

Young Reader Reviews: “Such a cool book!”

I liked how there are dragons and castles and a really cool imaginary storyline and that little kids and big kids both enjoy reading it but I also love that the story is Jewish and I can relate to it. I also like how the dragons are misfits and my favorite misfit dragon is the […]

Young Reader Reviews: “I love it!”

I like how that the guards of the palace of Draconmere like to eat cholent and take naps on Shabbos afternoon. I love how Pointilla is different from all other dragons and I love how she wants to be herself and she likes that she has her own tiny sparks of fire. I love pretty […]

Young Reader Reviews: Mindel and The Misfit Dragons – an amazing book

Mindel and The Misfit Dragons was an amazing book. I love how she was so persistent and how even though the dragons looked to be misfits, they had a place where they belonged. I think that the moral is no matter how much it may seem that you’re a misfit, G-d puts you in this […]

Forward/Clarion gives “Mindel and The Misfit Dragons” a four star review

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A young girl joins forces with a group of misfit dragons to save her home in this exciting adventure told in beautiful verse. Mindel and the Misfit Dragons, a lushly illustrated rhyming fairy tale, assures tweens in those awkward middle years that it’s okay to be different because they will eventually find a place where […]

Kirkus Reviews calls “Mindel and The Misfit Dragons” “a captivating fairy tale”

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A rambunctious little girl recruits three misfit dragons to solve the problems a castle faces each Jewish Sabbath in this children’s fantasy in verse. An evil dragon once terrorized Castle Draconmere. The beast’s destruction was so unstoppable that the king asked Sir Benjamin to kill it, promising to give the castle to him in return. […]

The Midwest Book Review – “Mindel and The Misfit Dragons”, an enduringly popular addition to your Fantasy/Fiction Collection

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Mindel and The Misfit Dragons: A Magical Tale by An Ancient Hand is a magical, medieval verse fairy tale imaginatively told by Xianna Michaels. This is the story of a brave Jewish girl living in a castle where it is very hard to keep the Sabbath and where unknown villians are defacing sacred scrolls. In […]

BookReview.com Rates “Mindel and The Misfit Dragons” – “Excellent!”

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“Mindel and The Misfit Dragons” by Xianna Michaels is a beautiful fairy tale told in verse about a little girl of eight who has a serious problem to deal with and manages to solve it beautifully with the aid of three rather unorthodox dragons. To begin with, the book is printed in black and white […]