Young Reader Reviews: “Such a cool book!”

I liked how there are dragons and castles and a really cool imaginary storyline and that little kids and big kids both enjoy reading it but I also love that the story is Jewish and I can relate to it. I also like how the dragons are misfits and my favorite misfit dragon is the […]

Young Reader Reviews: “I love it!”

I like how that the guards of the palace of Draconmere like to eat cholent and take naps on Shabbos afternoon. I love how Pointilla is different from all other dragons and I love how she wants to be herself and she likes that she has her own tiny sparks of fire. I love pretty […]

Young Reader Reviews: Mindel and The Misfit Dragons – an amazing book

Mindel and The Misfit Dragons was an amazing book. I love how she was so persistent and how even though the dragons looked to be misfits, they had a place where they belonged. I think that the moral is no matter how much it may seem that you’re a misfit, G-d puts you in this […]