Kirkus Reviews calls “Mindel and The Misfit Dragons” “a captivating fairy tale”

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A rambunctious little girl recruits three misfit dragons to solve the problems a castle faces each Jewish Sabbath in this children’s fantasy in verse. An evil dragon once terrorized Castle Draconmere. The beast’s destruction was so unstoppable that the king asked Sir Benjamin to kill it, promising to give the castle to him in return. […]

The Midwest Book Review – “Mindel and The Misfit Dragons”, an enduringly popular addition to your Fantasy/Fiction Collection

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Mindel and The Misfit Dragons: A Magical Tale by An Ancient Hand is a magical, medieval verse fairy tale imaginatively told by Xianna Michaels. This is the story of a brave Jewish girl living in a castle where it is very hard to keep the Sabbath and where unknown villians are defacing sacred scrolls. In […] Rates “Mindel and The Misfit Dragons” – “Excellent!”

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“Mindel and The Misfit Dragons” by Xianna Michaels is a beautiful fairy tale told in verse about a little girl of eight who has a serious problem to deal with and manages to solve it beautifully with the aid of three rather unorthodox dragons. To begin with, the book is printed in black and white […]