Xianna Michaels


Xianna Michaels

 Xianna Michaels is a poet, novelist, artist, calligrapher, teacher and publisher.

She holds a Master of Arts degree in Linguistics, was a high school teacher for many years and wrote a number of award-winning historical novels before focusing on her first love of poetry.An observant Jew with a Chasidic soul, she now creates and teaches poetry, art and verse fairytales in the pursuit of spiritual and even mystical connection.She is the creator of The Alchemy of Illuminated Poetry® process as well as the Xoem™ verse form, both powerful vehicles for inner transformation.

She and her husband have four grown children and are blessed with a plethora of grandchildren. They live in an old hacienda in Southern California.

Learn more about Xianna’s creative process; visit her website XiannaMichaels.com.