The Midwest Book Review – “Mindel and The Misfit Dragons”, an enduringly popular addition to your Fantasy/Fiction Collection

Mindel and The Misfit Dragons: A Magical Tale by An Ancient Hand is a magical, medieval verse fairy tale imaginatively told by Xianna Michaels. This is the story of a brave Jewish girl living in a castle where it is very hard to keep the Sabbath and where unknown villians are defacing sacred scrolls. In her quest to keep her family home, Mindel meets three dragons who are considered misfits by all, but whose very oddidites may save Castle Draconmere. Hand-lettered and lushly illustrated, this original, lyrical, entertaining tale will delight readers is specifically written for young readers age 8 to 12. Mindel and The Misfit Dragons will inspire readers of all ages all to ask whether misfits even exist, or if everyone has a special, much-needed place in the world. A solid entertainment with a meaningful social message deftly woven into a truly engaging story that is enhanced with the inclusion of 194 illustrated pages, Mindel and The Misfit Dragons is scheduled to be released in November 2014 and would prove to be an enduringly popular addition to both school and community library Fantasy Fiction collections.

The Midwest Book Review
Children’s Bookwatch: August 2014
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Diane Donovan, Editor
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