Xianna Michaels

Alcabal Press Publisher


Xianna Michaels is a poet, novelist, artist, calligrapher, teacher and publisher.

She holds a Master of Arts degree in Linguistics, was a high school teacher for many years and wrote a number of award-winning historical novels before focusing on her first love of poetry.

An observant Jew with a Chasidic soul, she now creates and teaches poetry, art and verse fairytales in the pursuit of spiritual and even mystical connection.

She is the creator of The Alchemy of Illuminated Poetry® process as well as the Xoem™ verse form, both powerful vehicles for inner transformation.

She was moved to establish Alcabal Press® because as a teacher of creative writing for so many years as well as a practitioner of what she calls the spiritual-creative arts, she realized that many beautiful, meaningful works are being created that do not fall into the publishing categories most promulgated today. These are books that meld word and art, spirituality and psychology, the mystical and the mundane; that offer poetry as healing song as well as poetry and story in the old way. They are books that appeal to the eye as well as the mind, to the right brain as well as the left, to the ineffable deep truth inside of us, the place we all long for and perhaps too seldom reach.

Alcabal Press® blends the old and the new, bringing the mystical and magical into the new millennium. Its mission is to publish artisanal books that inspire the mind, delight the heart, and illuminate the mysteries of the soul.

Xianna Michaels and her husband have four grown children and are blessed with a plethora of grandchildren. They live in an old hacienda in Southern California.